04.10.2010 •

    Three Months later

    Three months after Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January 2010

    Even three months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, large scale and continuing international aid for the ordinary citizens of Haiti had still to arrive. The frontline medical support that was rapidly deployed within a few weeks of the disaster had already been withdrawn, and the Haitians had been left to face a deteriorating situation with regard to public health on their own, apart from the limited support provided by NGOs. Amongst the 300,000 casualties are 4000 amputees and many others who require continuing treatment for fractures yet to be stabilised, plastic surgery and extensive convalescence. Founded over 50 years ago and funded by a US foundation, the Hôpital Albert Schweitzer still plays a pioneering role in this area.

    Datum: 04.10.2010


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