08.01.2008 •

    Therapy in organophosphorus intoxication

    Military Medical Academy - MMA Sofia

    The organophosphate anticholinesterase compounds are of a great significance as for agriculture, industry and medicine, veterinary and humane. Nowadays, organophosphate anticholinesterase compounds could be damaging factor, as well, in agriculture and potentially damaging factor in military field, people being poisoned voluntarily or intentionally. The low cost and high biological activity of the organophosphate anticholinesterase compounds make them preferred by terrorists. With the purpose to give assistance to the study of organophosphate intoxications and mainly to propose unified therapeutics scheme in organophosphate intoxications, we systematized 219 clinical cases, poisoned with organophosphate pesticides, which were treated in the Toxicological clinic and are in different degree intoxicated. The organophosphate pesticides are esters of phosphor, phosphon or phosphorothion or bind acids. There is a great similarity with the neuroparalytic military poisons, but most frequently they are phosphonofluoridates.

    Datum: 08.01.2008


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