17.08.2010 •

    The Supply of medical Material in the French Military Health Service

    The function of the medical supply of the French Military Health Service (MHS) is to constitute, store, maintain and place at the disposal the necessary medical materials and health products for:
    - Equipment of the operational medical units (OMU) or of the specialized vectors (aircrafts of the air force, ships of the national marine, medical regiments of the army, etc);
    - Daily consumption of the military medical
    installations, as the departments of health, the military hospitals and the medical centres of armed forces (MCA);
    - the projection of means overseas and on the national territory in the case of activation of a governmental security plan;
    - Constitution of national stocks for the profit of the public health, based on the participation in the fight against medical threats of great magnitude.

    Datum: 17.08.2010


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