24.02.2007 •

    The Present Situation and Future of Medical Service of Chinese PLA

    The period in the last 10 years of 20th century and the first 10 years of 21st century are the years of historical significance in the development human society. In the years of leaping into the next century, the medical service of every country in the world is influenced either by world strategic environment, modern new military revolution and the changes of army's tasks or by the domestic politic, economic and military conditions. The development of medical service is facing not only the rare opportunities, but also the harsh challenges. Under this background, it is necessary to discuss the reforming models of medical service. The authors are invited to present a brief introduction on the present situation and future of medical service of Chinese PLA.

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    Datum: 24.02.2007

    Quelle: Wehrmedizin und Wehrpharmazie 1997/2

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