18.03.2006 •

    The Feasibility Study of Constructing the framework of the Health Law of the CPLA

    Using Analytic Hierarchy Process, Export Consultation, and Comprehensive Assessment, the paper brings forward the guiding principles and six special rules for constructing the framework of the Health Law of the CPLA. The six special rules include coordination and consistency, obeying the working rule of the military medicine of the new era, centering on the health administration and reform, conforming with the establishment and functions of the army units, combining development with actual needs, adapting to the advancement of the medical science. The practical approaches given in the paper are: transverse academic categories according to the functional division of the military health administration, vertical systematic hierarchy according to the inner relationship of the military health administration and effectiveness grading of laws and regulations, thus forming the framework of the Health Law of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (CPLA). The framework consists of one overall framework and eight subordinate frameworks. The authors also discuss the content of the framework of the Health Law of the CPLA with regard to the impacts and requirements of the following seven aspects on the military health legislation, which include the state's health legislation, military affairs and the logistic legislation, the new revolution in military affairs, the development of military medical science, the military hygienic behaviors, the military health services and the international conventions.

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    Datum: 18.03.2006

    Quelle: Wehrmedizin und Wehrpharmazie 2005/1

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