01.11.2009 •

    Refelction on Decontamination in the Medical Setting

    – 21st Century Solutions to an age old problem

    The reality is that medical personnel are expected accept the transfer of risk and to perform well without an evidence base. MCIF is in a strong position to develop that evidence base and inform doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures across the globe. NATO’s Exercise Clean Care takes place in Denmark in September 2009. It will be interesting to analyse the post – exercise report and listen to that group’s views. The UK is currently reviewing its casualty decontamination doctrine based on available research and again this will help to inform the debate. However, there is more expertise around the world, in both military and civilian operational circles, that can contribute to the evidence base. Many will not realise that they are in a position to do this which was the purpose of the ‘sharing the burden’ paper in the Jan 09 issue of MCIF. Promote the principles and original thought so that the rhetoric does become reality.

    Datum: 01.11.2009


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