08.01.2008 •

    Psychological and psychopathological aspects in the expertise of peace-keeping mission participants

    Making the experts of the Centre of Military Medical Commission familiar with the psychological and psycho¬pathological consequences of the participation in peacekeeping missions.
    110 male regular soldiers of different age and work experience, who took part in a peacekeeping mission in Iraq, were tested for the purpose of the current research.
    They were asked to fulfill an inquiry sheet, questionnaire on post-traumatic distress disturbances (PTDD) and the so called Distress Symptom Check List psychological test (DSCL-90-R), L.R.Derogatis.
    Results: The final results allow that the different normative indicators be observed according to the SCL-90¬scales and the criteria for PTDD.
    Conclusions: The data received give the opportunity to predict and observe the subsequent impact of mili¬tary stress, as well as the expertise problems, resulting from it.

    Datum: 08.01.2008


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