17.08.2010 •

    Proving Ground for Military and Civilian Cooperation

    Disaster Response

    The surveys, statistics and prognoses of national and international disaster researchers and multinational insurance companies all seem to concur; there is an ever-increasing probability that catastrophes could occur anywhere in the world. This applies not just to the potential frequency of such events. The factors that can cause disasters have multiplied and the likely severity of consequences for nations and individuals has grown in proportion. There is thus an increasing need for governmental and non-governmental organisations, national and international
    organisations and structures to pool their capacities, networks and resources in order to make their response to disaster situations as effective as possible. It will become more difficult in future for individual organisations, systems or nations to alone deal adequately with the results of disasters for which there are now more potential causes and the effects of which may not be restricted within national borders.

    Datum: 17.08.2010


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