02.04.2008 •

    Planning and Reconnaissance Tool

    - holistic approach to mission planning and training

    The detailed planning of container- and tent-based medical treatment facilities is subject to many complex rules and has to consider the respective dependencies, limits and interfaces. With its planning and reconnaissance tool (PET) the Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service has obtained an up-to-date tool for high-quality and efficient planning of its most important medical treatment facilities for mission purposes, i.e. the modular medical facilities and the airtransportable medical facilities. In this connection the VIPER PET EDITION and PROFES-SIONAL programs further offer the possibility of a three-dimensional, geo-referenced representation for goal-directed
    planning. Together with other programs and databases a holistic and comprehensive approach was adopted which considers the challenges in connection with mission planning and the important questions concerning all these complex systems as well as the important training aspect. The PET is designed in such a way as to flexibly integrate extensions and modifications into the system. In addition to these developments in the area of medical issues, it also provides a solution architecture for similar tasks outside the medical service. Thus the PET is also to be applied for the future planning of mobile field camps taking into account the “force protection” aspect.

    Datum: 02.04.2008


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