08.01.2008 •

    Overcoming Distances Electronic Health Record for Efficient Care

    Initial treatment by the emergency doctor, admission to the hospital as an inpatient, after-care through specialists in private practice –for many diagnoses comprehensive patient care is provided by several providers across sectors. This not only applies to the civilian sector, but to the military as well. Especially in the military, deployment in areas of conflict frequently means large distances between individual medical units. However, to supply the patient with high-quality care, it is indispensable that these units cooperate with one another at their best – because in emergency cases an accelerated treatment process may save lives.
    As a basic prerequisite against this background, all those participating in this process have to have access to the information relevant to the treatment, at any time and exactly where needed. For this purpose, suitable, integrated information technology (IT) platforms are required. Information technology supports the cooperation of individual service providers on an organizational level, on the one hand, and on the other, IT provides required information – medically or administratively – at the location where it is needed.

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