08.01.2008 •

    Otorhinolaryngological mobidity in time of mission

    Purpose: Analysis of otorhinolaryngological morbidity of Bulgarian military staff in time of a mission abroad.
    Material and methods: A research of otorhinolaryngological morbidity has been performed in situation of a mission abroad based on my own observations and investigations for a period of 5 months. Morbidity was compared with the one of the same staff during preparation time in Bulgaria for the mission. The results were obtained by using variation and alternative analyses.
    Findings: Otorhinolaryngological morbidity in time of a mission is related predominantly to acute patho-logical conditions of ears, nose, throat, and larynx. These are 20.28% of the general morbidity. Here is the distribution according to nosological entities;
    ♦ Acute rhinotonsillopharingitis - 8.3%;
    ♦ Acute pharingitis - 7.07%;
    ♦ Acute tonsillopharingitis - 2.47%;
    ♦ Acute laryngitis - 1.78%;
    ♦ Acute otitis-0.59%.
    Otorhinolaryngological morbidity displayed in time of a mission has acute, fast running character with short time loss of fighting capacity of the participants on a mission. The good effect on their quick recovery is due to prophylactic activities performed before and during the mission.

    Datum: 08.01.2008


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