13.03.2006 •

    Organization from the Perspective of JMed, BwOpsCmd

    As to their time and sustainability the HUMAID operation of the German Bundeswehr was integrated in the overall concept of the German Federal Government. The special character of the natural disaster, its geographical context and the time pressure, in particular in the initial phase, required to focus on rescuing and providing medical care. In view of the expected continued losses of human lives by imminent plagues or untreated diseases or injuries disproportionate emphasis was put on the medical service. All other capabilities contributed by the armed services and the joint support service were to be used primarily for accomplishing this core mission, only then would they be fully utilized for other relief measures.

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    Datum: 13.03.2006

    Quelle: Wehrmedizin und Wehrpharmazie 2005/2

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