01.11.2009 •

    Multinational Military Cooperation

    In the Field of Disaster Medicine

    Nowadays Armed Forces are more frequently involved in disasters’ relief and humanitarian operation in their country and abroad, on their
    own and as a part of multinational military contingents. Therefore, military medical services have to be prepared to plan for great variety of contingents in order to ful l their mission. The objective of this study is to de ne military medical support areas where coordination between military medical services could enhance disaster’s relief medical operations’ ef ciency and sustainability. In order to achieve the set goal medical support activities and lessons learned by the previous disasters relief operations in the country and abroad were thoroughly analyzed by means of descriptive, comparative and cluster analyses. Military medical support sectors where military medical cooperation is desirable and recommended were identi ed, grouped and presented. Based on obtained results, it was concluded that military medical cooperation is highly desirable and recommended in all phases of military missions abroad and disasters’ relief operations medical support.

    Datum: 01.11.2009


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