02.04.2008 •

    Military Medicine: A Tool for Peace and Security in Africa

    7th Pan Africa Congress on Military Medicine in Khartoum

    The Ministry of Defense - Military Medical Services - of the Republic of the Sudan, in collaboration with the Pan Africa Committee of Military Medicine (PACMM) held the 7th Pan Africa Congress on Military Medicine from 8 to 12th of February 2008. More than 30 African countries joint the congress in Khartoum. The theme of the congress “Military Medicine: A tool for peace and Security in Africa” is highly interesting for MCI and our readers. Reason
    enough for MCI-Project-Manager Olaf Kortenhoff to participate in this congress and to knot a lot of face-to-face contacts to influential personalities of the African Military Medical Services.

    Datum: 02.04.2008


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