08.01.2008 •

    Medical support in disaster situations

    Medical support in disaster situations for the population in Bulgaria by the Bulgarian army and the Bulgarian military medical service is postulated by : - Constitution of Republic of Bulgaria; The law for defense and armed forces; - Military doctrine; - National law for crisis response operations; - Plan of Military Medical Academy for crisis response and other institutional regulations.
    The aim of this study is to discuss the capability of Military Medical Service, and especially Military Medical Academy to provide civilian population with adequate support in disaster situations.
    Military Medical Academy has specific military units for emergency response: - Military medical detachment for emergency response; - Mobile medical diagnostic complex; - Mobile field hospital that corresponds to NATO role 3; - Center for military epidemiology and hygiene; - Research center for radiological, biological and chemical protection; - Center for treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases.

    Datum: 08.01.2008


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