13.10.2008 •

    Interdisciplinary treatment of complex injuries from ISAF foreign deployments

    The current domination of urban warfare in the most crisis regions of the world is also having a proportional effect on the current trauma patterns of casualties of the German Bundeswehr in foreign deployments. Here these are mainly the qualitative and quantitative blast injuries, the specified complex resulting injuries of which pose a great challenge to deployment related medical treatment. These particular injury entities require a special expertise, which is not fully depicted by usual trauma from the civilian sector. They also require a consistent interdisciplinary management extending throughout the entire treatment process, in order to achieve best possible procedures and results for the casualties. With the help of representative case examples from more recent times the relevant traumatological anaesthesiological procedure after repatriation in terms of interdisciplinary care should be depicted. From previous experience the urgent demand for „High Volume“- hospitals of the German Bundeswehr can be deduced, where the
    quantitative and qualitatively inevitable conditions for training and maintaining competency must be implemented for the primary deployment related subjects.

    Datum: 13.10.2008


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