10.07.2008 •

    Hospital logistics: A dispensary of the German Armed Forces in strategic re-orientation

    Due to developments in expenses, the focus is increasingly on the provision of drugs and medical devices in the hospitals of the German Armed Forces. In addition, the scarcity of funds in the defence budget is increasing the pressure to take action towards the realisation of cost savings in the areas of hospital logistics and efficiency reserves.
    Against this background and from 2007 on, all German Armed Forces have been tasked
    to draw up internal budgets for the provision of drugs and medical devices. These budgets relate only to the decentralised supply in accordance with Chapter 1408 Title 514 12 (drugs/surgical dressings etc.) of the defence budget.
    Due to the limitation to only one budgetary year, this is an operational budget. The period-related systematic compilation of expected quantities and values may be described as a budget. Budgets are intended to define binding targets and criteria and to distribute resources to operational sectors. The prescribed budgets can be efficiently controlled via target and actual comparison.

    Datum: 10.07.2008


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