02.04.2008 •

    German Relief Coalition "Aktion Deutschland Hilft"

    Germany’s Relief Coalition „Aktion Deutschland
    Hilft“ was formed in march 2001 by ten renowned German humanitarian aid organisations. The coalitions aim is to combine their members’ individual knowledge, experience and resources to provide fast and more efficient relief after major disasters and emergencies. This cooperation prevents an
    overlap of aid work and gaps in the provision of
    vital services. „It is our prior objective to speed up our aid by working together”, says Manuela Roßbach, executive director of Germany’s Relief Coalition “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”. “Not least we can achieve this by our combined appeal for donations.” Similar organisations can be found in other countries: the Disaster Emergency Committee in Great Britain or the Swiss “Glückskette” show, that combined efforts during great emergencies substantially improve relief work.

    Datum: 02.04.2008


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