02.04.2008 •

    Exertional Heat Stroke: A short clinical review on the Israeli experience

    Heat stroke is the most severe form of heat- related illnesses. It is classified into two main forms. A classic heat stroke, which usually affects older people in a hot climate environment, typically in heat waves, such as the one that occurred in Western Europe in the summer of 2003 and caused the death of thousands of mostly senior citizens1. The second form is an exertional heat stroke (EHS) which is more common in young, active people, and results from a rather intense physical activity in a relatively hot climate. This type is a major concern among professional athletes and, in Israel, specifically among training soldiers. The reported rising incidence of EHS in the last years2, combining with its’ sudden appearance
    and potential lethal results, demands an appropriate education of both medical and commanding staff. This report will describe the predisposition, the diagnosis and the treatment of EHS among Israeli soldiers.

    Datum: 02.04.2008


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