01.11.2009 •

    European survey on decontamination in mass casualty incidents

    Hazardous chemical agents are a global realistic risk and also and especially for the citizens of all countries in Europe. Therefore it is an
    important obligation to direct education, service activities and research towards the priority concerns of prevention and response in case of an accidental or criminal liberation of toxic chemicals. Thus the Federal Ministry of the Interior held a three days seminar (Ahrweiler 22nd until 24th of February 2007) on “Decontamination of Casualties Involved in Incidents with Hazardous Chemical Materials – European Inventory and Perspectives” during the German EU Council Presidency in the first six month of 2007. To prepare the seminar a questionnaire regarding status of decontamination facilities was sent to all European Member States.
    The aim was to arrange an exchange of information and experience on the various systems in place in Europe which would be bene cial to all parties concerned. The seminar was organized by the Federal Of ce of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance.

    Datum: 01.11.2009


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