17.08.2010 •

    Disaster relief - Report from a ground-breaking cooperation

    How a joint action with a partner from the military medical industry brought support to the population in Haiti

    In the aftermath of war, natural disaster or following a particular crisis, NGOs (non-governmental organisations) respond to the fundamental needs of the affected population. In these early stages, the focus of any response is upon helping people with basic survival. Programmes focussing on the
    provision of first aid and the distribution of relief items – such as the means for water purification and storage, household items, shelter kits and basic food rations – are a “first response instrument”.
    After these basic needs have been met, the aim is to further reduce vulnerability and to provide communities affected by crises and disasters with sustainable reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes promoting a strong development perspective. respective programme components include actual reconstruction of houses and public buildings as well as social rehabilitation measures such as the reintegration of refugees within their homeland or reconciliation programmes in war-torn communities.

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