25.03.2009 •

    Asia-Pacific Military Medicine Conference (APMMC XIX)

    6 - 10 April 2009 in Seoul, Republic of Korea

    APMMC is conducted by United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) in support of the Commander, Pacific Command’s Theater Security Cooperation Program (TSCP). APMMC provides a forum for U.S. military health-care providers to discuss with allied and friendly countries in the Asia Pacific region topics, issues, and concerns of military medical
    significance. The conference provides an opportunity to discuss urgent medical topics such as avian flu, surveillance for pandemic flu, HIV, SARS, preventive medicine, infectious diseases, deployment health for PKO, military medical aid to civil agencies, combat medicine, triage and casualty evacuation, medical readiness, and medical interoperability. The conference also shares the latest information on medical technological advancements.

    Datum: 25.03.2009


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