10.07.2009 •

    Acute Wounds of the Lower Limbs - a winning approach with a hydrofiber dressing

    The application of mechanical energy to the outer surface of the human body results in a damaging event, which is generically, termed „wound“. Therefore, the notion of wound „in the narrower sense“ implies the occurrence of a trauma or, in any case, the exercise of a force at a magnitude well in excess of the tensile strength of the skin. From a terminological point of view, „wound“ means any bodily injury caused by physical means that results in disruption of the continuity of a structure. From this derives the apparent need of adding the word „skin“ in order to give a more precise characterisation. The „sacred“ textbooks of general pathology de_ ne a wound as a recent mechanically-induced disruption of the skin continuity that may involve the skin and the underlying layers and even penetrate into a body cavity.

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