DiMiMED 2015

DiMiMED 2015

Report on the 2015 International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicin DiMiMED

On occasion of MEDICA, the world’s largest trade fair for medical technology, the International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine (DiMiMED) was held for the third time in Düsseldorf, Germany – on 17th and 18th November.

For the third year running, die DiMiMED Conference attracted some 250 civilian and medical specialist from 5o nations, confronting current matters of co-operation of civilian and medical facilities. 

This year’s main topic was operations in crisis areas. In view of the increasing need for humanitarian aid in disaster zones, there was an additional focus on civilian aid organizations and their work. Apart from plenary lectures on innovations and scientific questions in disaster and military medicine, an interactive simulation workshop dealt with the practical implementation of aid in major catastrophic events. Additional topics of interest included a session on disaster medicine in international comparison as well as a group of presentations for industry representatives on aspects of the procurement of medical technology by the German Federal Armed Forces and NATO. 

DiMiMEPhoto Rear Admiral uh MC (ret) Dr Christoph Büttner, Brigadier General Rob van der Meer with participants D is held under the patronage of the Medical Corps International Forum (MCIF) and is organized jointly by Beta Verlag and Messe Düsseldorf.

The conference was co-chaired by Rear Admiral uh MC (ret) Dr. Christoph Büttner and Brigadier General (ret) Dr. Rob van der Meer. 

Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and  Major General MC Dr. Stephan Schoeps, Acting Deputy Surgeon General, Bundeswehr and Commander Health Facilities, Bundeswehr Medical Service Headquarters, opened the conference with welcoming addresses.

PhotoWarren C. Dorlac, Colonel (ret), United States of America

During the six main sessions on  

  1. Challenges, Innovations and Scientific Developments in Disaster and Military Medicine 

  2. Traumatology

  3. Infectious Diseases

  4. Medical Evacuation Transport

  5. CBRN

  6. Force Health Protection / Disaster Medicine

and three parallel sessions on

  1. Simulation in Military Medical Training (Simulation work-shop)

  2. MilMed Procurement for Industry Partners 

  3. Disaster Medicine – Crisis Prevention

some 40 speakers from civilian and military medical services, institutes and industry presented their experience, scientific findings, lessons learned as well as suggestions for further development in the field of international medical cooperation, training, equipment, planning and organization.

PhotoLt Col Jui Sheng Choo, Singapore, received the Award on behalf of Colonel Dr Gan Wee Hoe

During a festive ceremony between the sessions, the 2015 Ambroise Paré Award was presented. The award was again divided:

1st Price  

Warren C. Dorlac, MD, FACS

Colonel (ret), USAF, MC, FS

United States of America

“Use of Simulation and Military Medical Training” – published in MCIF 3/14

2nd Price

Colonel Dr Gan Wee Hoe


“Dermatological Presentations in Military Conscripts” – published in this issue (MCIF 4/15)

The conference ended with closingremarks, scientific conclusions and a “way ahead”, reminding all attendees of the next DiMiMED, which is planned for November 2016 – again in conjunction with the Düsseldorf MEDICA.

For more details of the program please go to http://www.events-beta.com/dimimed/program/

Datum: 06.10.2015

Quelle: MCIF 4/15


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